Niam Mawornkanong

Niam Mawornkanong is an established Thai artist specializing in intricate acrylic painting that often projects a quality reminiscent of well-assembled oil works. He uses his art to captivate audiences’ attention then set them free to explore their own subconsciousness. Though possessing degrees in philosophy and fine art, the majority of his technique is self-taught and […]

Motonori Uwasu

Born in Osaka Japan in 1975, Motonori Uwasu graduated in Fine Art from Osaka Universityof Arts in 1999. “I have a vague scene in my memory. A scene from my childhood in which I’m looking outfrom a car my mother or father was driving. Though I had no idea where we were going, I still […]

I Wayan Sarcita Yasa

Wayan Sarcita Yasa, Often called Sarcita, is a young artist from Tabanan Bali, born on 7 Desember, 2000. Sarcita is an art student at the Indonesia Art Institute, Yogyakarta. Sarcita is also an alumnus of SMK N 1 Sukawati ( SMSR ) BALI.

Geoffrey Bouillot

He is a french artist who grew up in Chalon-sur-Saône (Burgundy) based in Japan who specializes in creating monochromatic artworks. His work is heavily influenced by his multicultural background, and he aims to merge different styles and techniques to create something unique. He has a passion for portraiture, and his style is characterized by clean […]


The characteristic of the work is that it highlights the three dimensional effect of form in flat painting and creates a unique atmosphere. It proves the reason and existence of existence through creative activities and contains social messages of the times. After the 2012 Miami International Exchange Exhibition, he was invited by the Mississippi State […]

Karyl Nerona

Karyl is a visual artist based in Manila. An Art Director by profession. She graduated with 2 degrees, a degree in BS Marketing Management and 3D animation. Creating art at a young age was inspired by her love of 90s cartoons. A prominent character in her paintings is a reflection of herself. It shows a […]

Kittipong Khamsat

Thailand based, who is a huge animal lover. He creates animal figure characters which also mix with his imagination and inspiration from his adopted animals.

Jun Ming (차이밍쥔)

Korean artist, characterised by his unique characters with bold and bright colours. His inspirations are from his experiences of travelling and different cultures, expressing the mysterious adventures through his paintings.

Ireland Jill

Ireland is a multidisciplinary artist AKA Bruha Ireland, whose signature style is often a play on unrealistic images of children. Drafted from the image of her son, she created a persona called “Bruha” where she states that “Bruha is an alter I imagine myself to be if I were the same age as my son.”  […]

Aldrin Dave Basister

Drin is a contemporary visual artist born on March 16, 2000 based in Manila, Philippines. He studied Fine Arts student majoring Painting at the University of the East Caloocan. His works are a mix of illustration and pop surrealism, often depicting nostalgia and memories drawn from Drin’s personal experiences. His signature style involves the use […]