Jonathan Esperester

In his collage-like paintings, Jonathan Esperester is particularly interested in the materiality of the image. For this he tries, almost alchemically, to make the process visible on the canvas – different layers with different materials (oil, acrylic, airbrush, ink, varnish, Windowcolor, foil, etc.) are placed on top of each other and create a tension between […]

Dhawa Rezkyna

He awakens and develops the imaginary world of his childhood memories into the imaginary landscape of present time and space. Through figures set within the fusion of natural and synthetic landscapes, he represents his childhood imagination in the present, playing symbols and metaphors about how he sees the world around him today. SOLO SHOWS 2021 – The […]

Ramiro Silva Cortes

Originally from Los Andes in the central Aconcagua Valley of Chile, visual artist Ramiro Silva Cortes, chiefly focus’s his creative pursuits on painting. With a Bachelor in Advertising from the University of Art, Science and Communications of Santiago the artist is currently developing his art practice in the cities of Los Andes and Chicago, Illinois […]

Jo Hummel

Jo Hummel b. 1982, Hampshire UK. Graduated Royal College of Art 2006. She lives and works in Isle of Wight, UK. Since graduating Jo has exhibited extensively internationally. Solo and joint solo Exhibitions include: Looking Out, Barnard Gallery Cape Town (2023) Love Letter, Gruin Gallery, Los Angeles (2022) A True Story, Nordic Art Agency, Malmo, […]

Charlie Haydn Taylor

Charlie Haydn Taylor was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and is now based in London.His work evokes a sense of contemplation and isolation, where the lines between the fictional and autobiographical collide. His most recent works respond to the emotional weight of isolation that can occur when living in a major city, paradoxically surrounded by […]

Zoie Lam

Zoie Lam is an artist based in Hong Kong. As the creator of the imaginary planet Zlism, Zoie Lam details a world with all its residents and happenings. Positive energy oozes out from the kind-hearted characters as they come alive under her pen, all with fascinating stories unfolding in one painting after another. Through her […]

Zach Schrey

Zach Schrey born in Elgin, Illinois and received his bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University. Zach Schrey creates an alternate reality of recognisable characters and designs wrapped in his signature bio-morphic camouflage patterns. They remind us of the everyday, yet have an otherworldly presence because of their bold, clean aesthetic. Influenced by the […]

Yana Medow

Yana Meadow is a Russian – Spanish artist based in Madrid. Yana Medow identifies the aesthetic direction of her oeuvre as figurative and primitive. She depicts people with exaggerated body proportions. This stylistic choice is driven by the goal of expressing the human body’s universal grace, along with the comical naivety of human ideas, concepts, […]

Sun-Mi  (aka Pamplemouze)

Sun-Mi  (aka Pamplemouze) is a contemporary artist in the Faux Naif movement and best known for her erratically naive girls who find themselves in never – ending conflict. Utilizing mono-painting as her main source of medium, her work is a way of documenting her life and is depicted by her constant struggle to express her […]

Siu Kins

SIUKINS is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Hong Kong. He is a hodgepodge of a person with a love for both Japanese animation and American art and films. Overthinking” is the main keyword throughout all his works. He loves to observe people’s behavior and he is fascinated by the spiritual moment when […]