Clarence Ruth

Lives and works in New York,USA

Clarence Ruth is a New York City-based artist, designer, and author who has made a name for himself in the fashion industry.

Clarence Ruth established early success as a young artist by winning a number of first place in art contest and fairs. He has also had his artwork displayed in a number of museums such as Polk Museum Of Art, The African Museum Of Art.

Oreo the character he creates is a unique representation of us as humans. Cut out eyes, a Pinocchio style nose and big, bright red lips are all features that make up Oreo’s masked face. His mask hides the reality of his true self. Oreo’s nose represents lies told while wearing a mask and hiding. Oreo’s body brings a sense of recognition and comfort. He will sometimes have puzzle piece patterns on his body. This represents constant growth as people. The search for these puzzle pieces has the potential to better a person in health, spirit, career, or in their life. Oreo’s image is a visual representation of how people wear masks everyday to show what others want to see.




- Fear No Evil - Casterline Goodman Gallery, Aspen,Colorado,USA 




Emerging To Established 12th Annual Summer Group Show - Krause Gallery, New York, USA

- What Lies Beneath with Sangsik Hong - Krause Gallery, New York, USA